Will Edwards


Will Edwards got his acting start while studying Business Administration at William Paterson University. His professional start would be at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ as the company manager and actor for their Outreach Touring Theatre Company. He also spent a summer touring with the Princeton Playhouse Touring Company as a principle actor.

He spent a full season studying and performing in Washington, DC with the Living Stage Theatre Company which was the outreach arm of Arena Stage, one of the county’s preeminent professional regional theaters.

Will appeared in regional theater productions of Grapes of Wrath, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Nerd, Suicide in Bb and many others.

He spent two years traveling the globe as a public speaker and made his film debut in Las Vegas, NV.  He played Colonel Thadeus Drake, the evil mastermind in the Horror/Sci-Fi film S4 which he co-produced. Will wrote, co-produced and starred in the suspense thriller Devotion. He was also starred in the independent comedy hit You People.

In 2009, Will along with long time friend Henry Clarke, started their own production company called GREH Matter Productions. GREH Matter in association with ProWerks Media Group, E11even Media & Mark R. Johnson produces The Will Edwards Show where Will acts as one of the executive producers and show host.


The Will Edwards Show

Mike Doria


Being a talk show co-host is one of many jobs Mike Doria juggles!  He joined The Will Edwards Show at the tail end of Season 4 shortly after appearing as a guest to promote his first book titled “It’s a Sign, Stupid!”  Mike is now working on his second book.  It’s fictional book about two guys on a late-night talk show…oh wait.  Anyway,  he is no stranger to television.  Mike began his career in 1998 as a TV news reporter and spent the next 11 years working at stations in both New York and Nevada.  He moved to Las Vegas in 2006 to work for at Fox 5 News.

After exiting the news business, Mike found himself on red carpets interviewing celebrities for Us Weekly Magazine and is currently a regular freelance reporter for the publication.  A lover of music,  he’s also written two albums and spent two and half years as the frontman of “90 Proof” —  a cover band he created and played with at gigs throughout Southern Nevada.  Mike’s future plans include writing a screenplay and TV sitcom and hot-air ballooning in the Bermuda Triangle.

In his free time, he enjoys breaking out in song and dance, eating ice cream and singing karaoke.  He also reads tarot cards quite regularly for people – yup, seriously.   Mike’s personal blog “Blah, Blah Blog” and interview portion titled “Mike Check” can be found at www.mikedoria.com.


The Will Edwards Show | Angel Mendoza Angel Mendoza


When someone told Angel Mendoza to “make love to the camera,” it was apparent that he had exceptional listening skills and took direction well.  Too well!   Mendoza’s ‘passion’ for film and acting led him to pursue theater classes in both high school and college.  Picking up martial arts as a hobby, he met a stunt performer who intrigued him to get involved in that arena as well.  From there, he karate chopped his way into the production side of film and TV.

In 1995, Mendoza moved to Las Vegas and accidentally got involved with The Will Edwards Show after a friend asked him to fill-in one day.  Despite several restraining orders, Mendoza kept returning and was put to work as a photographer and camera operator.  His quick wit, charm and temper tantrums eventually led him to sketch writing and acting on the show.  He’s also  an occasional director.

Angel’s humor is an appreciated part of the show as he has a knack for brightening up the day and keeping everyone uplifted.

The Will Edwards ShowChelsea Crews


Chelsea is a born and raised native of Las Vegas and UNLV Alumni.  She was a full- time actress for 5 years until she decided to focus on her education.  And, she is definitely smarter than 5th grader!  She earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing to blend her experience as an actress into a substantial entertainment career.

Since joining TWES in 2011 as an actress, she has taken the reins as Director of Development & Manager; as well as producer & writer for selective segments. She continues to act in various skits when she isn’t busy obsessing over baby unicorns and skipping in the rain. Not at the same time though, the baby unicorn might get hurt. And considering she lives in a Desert, we’re aren’t really sure why she obsesses at all because the unicorns that live here stand a better a chance of getting hit by a car on the overcrowded highways.


The Will Edwards ShowChad Smith

Associate Music Producer

Chad Smith is a recent addition to The Will Edwards Show but in the local music scene — he’s practically a legend.  For more than 20 years he’s graced stages in Sin City playing in numerous rock bands.  He is currently the bassist for the local Indi/Rock band Twenty8.
He enjoys writing in third person (it’s just a weird musician/artist thing probably) and playing leap frog alone.  Now on-board The Will Edwards Show, he’s excited to provide OUTSTANDING musical performances, as well as interviews with top national acts.
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”  ~ Bob Marley

The Will Edwards Show Scott Johnson

Actor (Master P’s Hip Hop Theatre)

Well, someone’s got the eye of tiger now doesn’t he?  Scott Johnson has been steadily working in the entertainment industry for the past fifteen years.  A graduate of UNLV, Scott performances span from the Valley to abroad.

He’s currently a cast member of Tony and Tina’s Wedding and has been with the show since its 2002 opening in Las Vegas.  And for the past three years, he’s served as the show’s Assistant Director.  Scott past duties include a stint as Head Writer of Feed the Monkey Sketch Comedy — an hour long original sketch comedy show that ran for a few years off-strip and eventually landed at the former Sarah Hotel and Casino. Though the show closed six weeks later, Scott promises Feed the Monkey had nothing to do with the closing of the famed casino.

It was Feed the Monkey that first saw the birth of Master P’s Hip Hop Theatre and Scott was overjoyed that TWES wanted to bring the good Master back to life.  Scott lives in Summerlin with his wife and two kids.

The Will Edwards Show | Nathan

Nathan Ferrier


He has amazing hair and a killer smile.  If only he had Enrique Iglesias’ mole — he would be a shoo in for the rock star.  And now that we think of it — Enrique had his mole removed so we’ll scour E-bay and Craigslist to see if we can purchase it for Nathan Ferrier.

Nathan is a regular actor on The Will Edwards Show taking part in many of the skits you see throughout each episode.  He’s also a whiz behind the camera helping out in various areas on the production side.

Nathan joined The Will Edwards Show after realizing that he and Will are a lot like mashed potatoes and gravy.  He represents large mounds of white fluffiness while Will represents the brown deliciousness copiously drizzled throughout all of his hills and valleys.  Thanksgiving dinner here we come!  Little known fact: Nathan was born during the Carter administration.

The Will Edwards Show

Jon Paul Raniola

Former Co-host

If you like the move you see in the picture, you should see Jon Paul Raniola in a Zumba class on a Friday night!  He’s the only guy in there but he’s revered by the females and motivates them to shake their bon bon while making big arm gestures for flair.

Jon Paul was the co-host of the The Will Edwards Show the first few seasons and is still well loved by the show.  Though raised in Queens, NY, he’s called Las Vegas home for the past 20 years.  And if you think he’s lost his accent, you can fuhgeddaboudit because he sounds like he’s still living on the corner of 53rd and Why I Oughta.

He got his start in acting at the age of 13 in Las Vegas Community Theater and has appeared in Tony & Tina’s Wedding and The Soprano’s Last Supper. He is currently in collaborations on several shows in and outside of Las Vegas and makes one hell of a pineapple upside down cake.




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